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5 Natural Gemstone Bracelets To Display Your Inner Magic

When you think of magic, what comes to mind? Spells? Mysticism? Maybe fairy tales? In any event, one of the first things that comes to mind is gems. And if you’re looking for a way to add a little bit of magic to your life, why not consider adding a natural gemstone bracelet to your wardrobe? There are many wonderful options available today, and each has its own unique story and origin. If you’re interested in learning more about the different types of gemstones and their benefits, be sure to check out this roundup of the top 5 natural gemstone bracelets.

What are gemstone bracelets?

Gemstone bracelets are a popular accessory that can bring out the inner magic in anyone. They come in all shapes and colors, and with so many options available, it’s easy to find the perfect bracelet for you. Here are five of our favorite gemstone bracelets:

1. Amethyst Bracelet
If you’re looking for a bracelet that will really stand out, consider purchasing an amethyst bracelet. This purple gem is known for its mystical properties and can help you connect with your own inner power.
2. Citrine Bracelet
Citrine is another stone that is often associated with magical powers. This yellow crystal is thought to promote happiness and balance, making it a great choice if you’re looking for an amulet to uplift your mood.
3. Jade Bracelet
Jade is known as one of the most energy-rich stones on earth, which makes it a great choice if you’re looking for a bracelet that will protect you from negative energy. Plus, this green gemstone is stunningly beautiful on its own!
4. Lapis Lazuli Bracelet
Lapis lazuli is another stone that has been linked with mysticism and divine energy. This blue gemstones has a very high vibration and can help manifest your desires into reality.
5. Quartz Crystal Bracelet
Quartz crystal bracelets are perfect if you want something delicate and understated

The Different Types of Gemstone Bracelets

There are many different types of gemstone bracelets, but the most popular ones are probably the pearl bracelet and the diamond bracelet.

Pearl bracelets are composed of small, round, white pearls that are threaded onto a strand of metal or alloy. They can be very delicate and ornate or they can be more simple and sleek.

Diamond bracelets are composed of tiny diamonds that are threaded onto a strand of metal or alloy. They can be quite delicate looking, with a lot of small diamonds arranged closely together. Or they can be less delicate and have larger diamonds scattered throughout the bracelet. They’re usually more expensive than pearl bracelets because there is more gold involved in their construction.

Other popular types of gemstone bracelets include turquoisebracelet, coralbracelet, amethystbracelet, enameled bracelet, peridotbracelet and sapphirebracelet.

The Benefits of Wearing a Gemstone Bracelet

People have worn gemstone bracelets for centuries as a way to display their inner magic and bring good luck. Gemstone bracelets are a great way to connect with your intuition and to increase your psychic power. There are many different types of gemstone bracelets, but the most popular ones include turquoise, amethyst, jade, and sterling silver.

The benefits of wearing a gemstone bracelet include:

1) Increased intuition: Wearing a gemstone bracelet will help you to more easily access your intuition. This is because the stones represent different aspects of the subconscious mind.

2) Better health: Gemstones have been used for centuries to improve health and wellbeing. They work as natural energy healers and can help to detoxify the body. Wearing a gemstone bracelet can also help to reduce stress levels and anxiety.

3) Better sleep: Gemstones can be beneficial in helping you get better sleep. They are known to stimulate the pineal gland, which is responsible for regulating sleep patterns.

4) Increased psychic powers: Gemstones may increase your psychic abilities. This is because they contain spiritual energy that can help you connect with other dimensions of reality.

How to Make a Gemstone Bracelet

1. Start by finding a good quality gemstone. A variety of gemstones can be found at most jewelry stores, or online. When choosing a gemstone, make sure to consider its color, shape, and size. You may also want to choose a gemstone that has personal meaning to you.

2. Choose a bracelet design that best showcases your chosen gemstone. There are many different types of gemstone bracelets available, so feel free to explore different designs until you find one that you love. Some popular bracelet designs include square bracelets with round gems, three-layered bracelets with multiple gems in each layer, and spiral bracelets with single or multiple gems hanging from the center wire.

3. Once you have decided on a bracelet design and chosen your favorite gemstone, it is time to start making the bracelet! To begin, selecting the right materials is important. The material should be strong enough to hold your stone but not too heavy or cumbersome to wear all day long. For this project we used sterling silver wire and Swarovski crystals as our main materials for the bracelet design and gems…


If you’re looking for a way to show off your inner magic, consider investing in a natural gemstone bracelet. These bracelets are made with a range of different stones that have been chosen for their metaphysical properties, and they can help you to connect with your intuition and the divine energy that exists within all of us. They make an excellent gift for anyone who is interested in self-improvement or tarot readings, and they are sure to bring happiness into your life. Thank you for reading!



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